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Dr Laura Schmidt

In 2010 I graduated the University of Tartu in the field of stomatology; in 2012 I began my residency in restorative dentistry (prosthodontics.) I love the creative nature of my work and value creating good relationships with patients.

Dr Riinu Rahuoja

I graduated the University of Tartu in the field of dentistry in 2010. In 2011, I started my residency in oral, facial and orthognathic surgery in the North Estonia Medical Centre. In my work as a dentist, I have also specialized mostly in surgical procedures.

Dr Liis Burmeister

In my everyday work, I deal with dental treatment, root canal treatment and prosthodontics. I studied dentistry at the University of Tartu where I also was the president of Eesti Hambaarstiüliõpilaste Liit. I constantly want to further educate myself and participate in both local and international courses. During my free time, I like to do sports and dance, I also like visiting my friends and travelling

Dr Maret Kurrik

I have finished the residency of prosthodontics at the University of Tartu. I like my work because it is interesting and challenging. It makes me happy to be able to help people and see the result of my work.

Dr Kristiina Liigant

The wish to help people caused me to choose this specialty. I value an individual approach and trust between the doctor and the patient. I actively take part in courses and stay acquainted with the fast-developing world of medicine. I believe, that a healthy smile is one of the keys to confidence.

Dr Silvia Saukas

I am fascinated by dentistry because it is a fast developing science that enables life-long learning and, therefore, is ever fresh. I have chosen root canal treatment as my specialty since treating inflamed teeth is often an alternative to tooth extraction and their replacement process.

Dr Helen Vahtras

I have been practicing dentistry since 2000. This profession offers fascinating challenges every day. I like to I use my ability to create something. Specialties that offer this opportunity the most are prosthodontics, implantology and aesthetic restoration. In my work, I also value good people skills and life-long education.

Dr Natalja Lunina

I graduated the University of Tartu in the field of stomatology in 2013. In 2015 I began my studies in the department of orals surgery and implantology of the Donau Krems University (Austria) where I have acquired knowledge and skills necessary for the specialty. I am also interested in prosthodontics and periodontology.

Dr Jevgenija Lukash (on maternity leave)

When I chose my occupation I followed two principles: the wish to help people and personal development. Dentistry has become the occupation I was looking for. I enjoy my work and, at the same time, can bring well-being and health to my patients. Medicine is ever-changing; the endless possibilities for development make the work interesting. If you have gotten good results in one field you can tackle the next challenge. All this inspires me and makes me happy.

Dr Ingridh Oks

I was fascinated with orthodontics already when I started my dentistry studies at the University on Tartu. By now, I have worked as an orthodontist for 10 years. I love the creativity, versatility and constant need for self-evolvement that my field offers. I would compare my work to a mosaic, where even the smallest of details needs to be in the right place for a beautiful overall picture to form.

Dr Ingrid Soomlais

I started working at Merimetsa Hambakliinik in 2007 when I graduated from the University of Tartu in the field of stomatology. I am a member of Eesti Hambaarstide Liit and I constantly further educate myself (restorative treatment, including microscope treatment; root canal treatment, prosthodontics.)

Dr Anna Strezeva

I enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and good relations, and I try to offer that to my patients, as well. My favourite specialty is root canal treatment. And though tooth replacement is a fast developing field, I hope to contribute to the preservation of teeth with my knowledge and skills. Dentistry is ever-advancing and offers me daily challenges and opportunities for advancement.