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Procedure for Issuing Personal Data

Models of teeth, X-rays and copies of patient charts are issued

  • to the patient in the clinic upon providing an ID and filling an application
  • to a person authorized by the patient in writing upon providing an ID
  • to the patient upon their application sent via e-mail (the email address must contain the patient’s full name)
  • to insurance companies and law firms upon the patient’s authorization (singed on paper or sent via e-mail)

You will receive the requested materials within 5 working days.

The patient or his/her representative has the right to receive copies of their charts (up to 20 pages.) The cost of each following page is 0,19 € (Public Information Act §25.)

Refusing to issue the aforementioned data (Protection of Personal Data Act §20)

Restrictions on receiving information may be implemented if it might
1) damage another person’s rights and freedoms
2) danger the secrecy of a child’s heritage
3) obstruct prevention of crime or capture of criminals
4) obstruct criminal investigations

We issue copies of charts and digital X-rays (in .jpg file format) via e-mail; models of teeth, panoramic X-rays and X-rays on film are issued only in the clinic to the patient or their representative personally.